Crossroads Farm & Apiary, formerly called Roger's Farm, was started over 40 years ago and has been a well loved family owned icon in our community. Our family recently acquired Roger's Farm, and, together with our previously established business, Crossroads Honey, we have become Crossroads Farm & Apiary. We are passionate about serving the members of our community through agriculture, education, and fellowship while providing quality products.

A little about our family:

Jacob and Abby grew up in a rural area in central Florida and moved to the community surrounding Roger's Farm in 2001. Jacob owned and operated a local lawn service business for 10 years while Abby attended college and veterinary school at UF. As they started a family, Jacob, who was raised on a farm, began to keep bees as a hobbyist, but soon decided to make a career out of it.  Jacob has developed Crossroads Honey, LLC, providing pollination services along with bee and honey sales, while Abby has practiced as a veterinarian in the community. Together, they are raising four energetic kids who are thrilled with the addition of the farm!

The Amlong family has a vision to take the foundation laid by Roger's Farm and build on it in such a way as to create a place of memories, agricultural education, and enjoyment of our products. They hope CF&A will be a hub for community members to enjoy and make connections. It is their desire that their family can serve yours in ways that you will come to love. Come along and join the journey!